Digital and image geometry : advanced lectures by Bertrand, Gilles, 1953-

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TitleDigital and image geometry : advanced lectures
CreatorBertrand, Gilles, 1953-, Imiya, Atsushi, Klette, Reinhard
PublisherBerlin ; New York : Springer
SubjectImage processing
Collectionfolkscanomy_miscellaneous, folkscanomy, additional_collections
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Digital and Image Geometry: Advanced LecturesAuthor: Gilles Bertrand, Atsushi Imiya, Reinhard Klette Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg ISBN: 978-3-540-43079-7 DOI: 10.1007/3-540-45576-0Table of Contents:An Axiomatic Approach to Digital Topology Generic Programming Techniques that Make Planar Cell Complexes Easy to Use Algorithms and Data Structures for Computer Topology Computer Presentation of 3-Manifolds “Continuous” Multifunctions in Discrete Spaces with Applications to Fixed Point Theory SpaMod: Design of a Spatial Modeling Tool Introduction to Combinatorial Pyramids Representing Vertex-Based Simplicial Multi-complexes Discrete Polyhedrization of a Lattice Point Set Digital Partitions Encoding Stability and Instability in Discrete Tomography Point-to-Line Mappings and Hough Transforms Digital Lines and Digital Convexity Curvature Flow in Discrete Space Hausdorff Sampling of Closed Sets into a Boundedly Compact Space Cell Complexes and Digital Convexity Approximation of 3D Shortest Polygons in Simple Cube Curves Segmentation and Length Estimation of 3D Discrete Curves Multigrid Convergence of Geometric Features Length Estimation for Curves with Different Samplings, Includes bibliographical references and index